Adult Programs

The Charles Drew Family Resource Center, offers Adult General Education classes taught by certified teachers. There are tuition costs, testing fees and activity fees for these classes. In addition to our Adult programs, the Charles Drew Family Resource Center oversees ABE/GED programs at Broward Outreach Center, a homeless shelter and branch of Miami Rescue Mission, Broward Transitional Center, a residential drug rehabilitation facility, and turning point are both part of Bridges of America.

The Classes that are being offered at the Charles Drew Family Resource Center are as follows:

  • ABE – Adult Basic Education – Reading, math, and language remediation to develop literacy skills
  • ABE for Adults with Learning Disabilities
  • ABE Intensive Reading for Adults
  • GED – Screening and preparation for the GED test (State of Florida High School Diploma)
  • ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages – Reading, writing, listening, and conversation
  • A specially-designed ABE/LEP class for easy transition from ESOL to Pre-GED
  For information on programs offered through Amanda’s Place, click here.  

Tuition & Fees ABE/GED/ESOL

Placement Testing Fee $10 Annual Activity Fee $10 Course Tuition is $30 per 1/2 year for residents and $180 per year for non-residents GED Certificate Testing $70 (additional to above fees)

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