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Tracy Lockhart-Talley

Welcome to Dynamic Dave Thomas Education Center (DTEC)/Charles Drew Family Resource Center (CDFRC) where we are proud to say, “We are here to make a difference in the lives of students”.  It is an honor to be the Principal at DTEC/CDFRC where I am obligated to promoting a culture of respect among all stakeholders.  In such a climate, it makes learning exciting and comfortable for all students.

I am committed to providing students seeking a new beginning, a program designed to meet their specific needs.  Additionally, I am thrilled about the extra-curricular activities that have been implemented in our day to day schedule that makes the school a welcoming place to be.

Finally, I believe that all students can learn if their life can be touched by a caring person.  As an educational leader, it is important for me to have a positive effect on every child I come in contact with, if not me, a member of my staff.  This is why I work hard to model what I expect and practice what I preach on a daily basis as I engage with MY students.  I truly believe that “Together We Can”.


Tracy Lockhart-Talley

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